about us

What is Party Twist?

Yes, it's a derivation from balloon twisting, but Party twist is as literal as it sounds; we're a group of people that want to give you parties, with a twist. We believe in providing more than the usual and have you expecting, the unexpected.

We're big believers of parties being different, unique and a great big ball of fun. From balloon sculpting and magic shows, to face painting and popcorn dispensing (we do alot more), we'd like to think of ourselves as the real party people.

Party Twist is all about you. Our aim? To put that smile on your face but even more so, we just want to make sure you and your guests have fun and a timeless memory that you can look back on even when you're old and grey.

Speaking of age, if you're thinking that parties are for the youth and kids, we'd beg you to do re-think that thought. We do events for adults too (Cos don't we all just want to let loose and have fun at some point?) There's nothing wrong with a bit of nostalgia and some of our services include cotton candy machine rentals, close-up magic and caricature drawing.

What's a party without a twist? We really don't want to know. Make a memory you'd never forget; have a party with us. We'd give it a real twist.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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